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Tankless Water Heaters

Traditional hot water heaters vary in size between approximately 40 to 80 gallons, and essentially keep the water inside of them hot (140 degrees Farenheit) so that you have instantly hot water for your kitchen sink, shower, washing machine etc. Large households are often used to the idea that hot water must not be used in excess, for cost purposes and to ensure that the home doesn’t “run out of hot water” – meaning you have drained the hot water tank and need to wait for it to reheat. This can be frustrating and costly, and only small improvements are made by using energy efficient appliances and wrapping your hot water tank in a heat blanket. And what about the heat you’re wasting when you’re not home? While the adults are at work and the kids are at school, your hot water tank is working for the average ten hours that your home is empty, just in case!!! Hot water tanks keep water at the desired temperature all day and all night, just in case some hot water needs to be used. This concept is similar to keeping your car running all of the time, just in case you need to go somewhere. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have hot water whenever you want it, but not have to pay to keep it hot when you don’t want it?

Tankless hot water heaters only heat water upon request. For example, Mrs Smith is washing the dinner dishes while Mr Smith is taking a shower upstairs. The Tankless Hot Water heater provides water at the same temperature a traditional hot water tank would by super heating water as it passes through the tankless system. Once Mr and Mrs Smith settle down to watch tv for the evening, and even while they are in bed sleeping – the tankless hot water system is doing nothing – which means it is not heating water when no one needs it, and it is not spending your money unnecessarily.

Tankless Hot Water heaters can be supplied and installed by Trow Mechanical Inc. at your convenience, in almost any location. You will own the unit, as opposed to renting a hot water heater, and repairs are found to be minimal. Contact Trow Mechanical Inc. for a free estimate today!

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At Trow Mechanical Inc., we install many types of economizers for homes, commercial buildings and industrial complexes. However, the Intellidyne Economizer for air conditioning, air supply and heating systems is the only product we install that guarantees that you will save 10% on your utility bills in the first two seasons – or your full money back and comes with a 15 year warranty.

An economizer is just what it sounds. For example, it tells your air system to work more economically by tapping into it’s control systems, and only allowing it to run when necessary, and at a more efficient rate. Therefore, your space remains at the same comfortable temperatures, but your equipment runs in a way that will save you money on gas and electrical bills. These units are small, wall mounted computers that can provide immediate statistics on your energy usage and savings, are simple to read and understand, and can provide the information you need for your home or business in an instant.

These systems work every time, and they work as you expect them to. A recent client who installed these systems on a large office complex reported savings of over $80,000 in the first year alone, and paid off the installation costs of the systems in less than six months.

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High Efficiency Furnaces

Furnaces are used to heat our homes and offices during the winter season, and typically use fossil fuels such as natural gas or propane to provide that heat. Some furnaces also operate on electricity, and can also be heated by solar systems.

Furnaces are considered High Efficiency when they are rated as 90% efficient or higher. Furnaces have an AFUE rating number, meaning Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, which also demonstrates higher efficiency depending how high the AFUE rating is. New gas furnaces in Canada are high-efficiency (90 – 98 percent) condensing furnaces that use a plastic vent and are most often vented out the side wall. Often, your existing chimney for your existing furnace can be used and modified to fit the new furnace.

There are several ways to calculate the savings you will see when using a high efficiency furnace. Contact us and we can show you how!

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Smart Thermostats

A thermostat is what is used to control the temperature in your space, whether at home, office or warehouse. Some thermostats have simple displays and very basic control over your temperature. Smart Thermostats have more detailed and user friendly displays and the ability to more accurately provide the comfort you want, when you want it, and often controlled from anywhere you can go with a laptop.

Trow Mechanical Inc.’s Smart Thermostat of choice is Ecobee. Ecobee thermostats are made for homes and commercial applications, and can be installed in under 3 hours. They offer a full colour display at the thermostat, and full control from your laptop, desktop or iPhone app. Smart themostats allow you to visualize and control your temperature and humidity levels while you are in the room, and with programs available for while you are sleeping, at work or on vacation along with a full five day local forecast at your fingertips. They also contain a unique Ecobee Alert, which emails you if the temperature in your space exceeds or doesn’t meet the temperature you want; so when you’re on vacation in Florida in February, the Ecobee can let you know there is a problem in your home long before your pipes freeze.

Office and commercial space control is also a unique feature to the Ecobee. Landlords, office managers and remote supervisors can set and adjust temperatures and pre-settings from their laptops, and can lock out or limit the ability of tenants or employees to change these settings. This results in more control, and more economical use of your heating and air conditioning. Contact Trow Mechanical Inc. today to have your Ecobee Smart Thermostat installed!

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Ventilation – Fresh Air Recirculation

Fresh air and ventilation for any space is crucial to comfort, health and controlled humidity and moisture. *please also see HRVs*

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Back-Up Sump Pumps

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